Roots & Spices
Our range of naturally delicious root cordials are made in the same time honoured tradition and contain botanical extracts and aromatic spices, each one tasting of those childhood memories.
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Really nice and flavoursome, even better warm on a cold night , a must to have

"An authentic taste of childhood" such is this drink's ability to evoke nostalgic memories we've re-named this 'Old Timer' - 'Time Travel in a Bottle'.
A woody tasting cordial dating from the 18th century, often compared to American Root Beer but milder and less medicinal tasting than its American counterpart.
Serving suggestions:
  • Sparkling
  • Still
  • Hot
  • Iced float
  • Milk
  • Jelly
  • Culinary
  • Frozen
  • Cocktails
  • Combined
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