Add a little Spritz
to your Fitz…

All the fabulousness of our distinctive, characterful and traditional Mr Fitzpatricks cordials are now combined with still or sparkling water using our brilliant Aqua Spritz delivery system. It couldn’t be easier!

It’s time to start a new revolution!

Mr Fitz Aqua Spritz is the combination of Aqua Spritz pure filtered, chilled, still or sparkling water mixed with Mr Fitzpatrick’s delicious vintage cordials. Create a new premium, sophisticated and rather dapper soft drink alternative to the usual lacklustre choices on offer!

So Why Do I Need This?

  • Mr Fitz Aqua Spritz is made by mixing Aqua Spritz with Mr Fitzpatrick’s premium cordials
  • Aqua 3 plugs into your water mains
  • Supply your own still and sparkling bottle water
  • Ambient Storage – No Need to use valuable Chill Space
  • Excellent margins on table water, reduce wastage
  • Upselling opportunities
  • Great Revenue Generator
  • Customised Eye Catching Pump
  • Bespoke Glassware
  • Table Menus
  • Unique Signature Flavours
  • Perfect Carbonation every time!

Mr Fitzpatricks Aqua Spritz
The Drill

How to Make a Mr Fitz Aqua Spritz

The path to mastering the creation of the perfect Mr Fitz Aqua Spritz is a simple one for the professional and accomplished bartender.
For the dilettante, allow me to be your guide with an Undemanding lesson and step-by-step guide that will have even The most lumbering and graceless server creating elegant and Invigorating beverages right away.

The Chill

Add cubed or crushed
ice to the Mr Fitz
Aqua Spritz

The Spill

Decant an exact measure of
Mr Fitzpatrick’s cordial.
Pour into the goblet
allowing the cordial to
cascade over the ice.

The Fill

Complete the beverage by
adding Aqua still or
sparkling pure filtered
wonder water to taste.
Garnish for aesthetics and
added flavour.

The Thrill

Sit Back, Relax & Enjoy!

Immediately serve the refreshingly chilled, exquisite tasting Mr Fitz Aqua Spritz.
Enjoy the unique thrill of consuming a beverage that is both full of flavour and free from alcohol.

The Thrill - Aqua Spritz

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